Our English Kids Camps began in 2007 at a place called Steven’s Stable in Sapporo, Hokkaido and it was the only English Camp in Hokkaido at that time. Every year since, we have kids coming from all around Japan and other countries. This year 2017, we will have our very new style, popular camps in the east of Iwamizawa city, surrounded by mountain views, rivers and forests.

2017年夏、札幌市内で10年間行ってきたEnglish Kids Campsを岩見沢市東部地区ホテルメープルロッジ敷地内の建物をキャンプベースとし

Welcome to English Kids Camps at our new location!


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Steven Hojjati (スティーブン ホジャティ)

1986年来日。早稲田、世田谷で Steven's English Houseを開講。独自のレッスン内容とスタイルを確立し。子供英会話のオリジナル教材などを作る。
2007年、これまで日本人の子供に英会話を教えてきたノウハウを生かし、海外のキャンプを札幌で体験でる施設 Steven’s Stableを開設。
Certificate In Teaching Japanese Students - Oxford Univ. Press 取得
Certificate In Teaching English To Children 取得 

Aya Hojjati (ホジャティ 文)

2001年よりSteven’s English Houseのアシスタントとして、多くの子供たちを担当。2007年よりSteven’s Stableで英語キャンプの中の日本人スタッフを担当。全日本スキー連盟 準指導員取得。多くの子供たちにスキーを指導。キャンプ施設を開設にあたり、札幌市消防局主催の救命講習を受講、修了。


I am Lina from Texas, USA. I moved to Hokkaido five years ago with my husband. I love everything about Hokkaido (except hornets)! I really enjoy having fun with children and teaching them about English and my culture. I am looking forward to meeting the campers and having a great time at these camps!


I am Damian from Malta. I thought summer would never come this year! I have had such an amazing time working at English Kids Camps in the past few years that I decided to do it again this year! I have 2 daughters and love children. I am energetic and goofball so let it shine at English Kids Camps.


I am Daniel from Texas, USA. I like being outdoors, having fun and helping kids learn! I absolutely love being a camp counselor at Steven's Stable in Sapporo. For me, there is nothing more enjoyable, rewarding, and satisfying than spending a summer positively impacting children's lives. Looking forward to meeting you all!


I am Roland from Texas, USA. I teach English to young children in Sapporo and I really enjoy being with kids. I love sports and cooking. I play rugby and American football in Hokkaido. I enjoy camps because there are so many outdoor activities to do. I look forward to having fun with kids at camps.


I am Rob from Malta, I am a Physical Education teacher and love having fun and playing all kinds of games! I am looking forward to experiencing the fun times at Steven's camps and sharing it together with the kids and other camp counsellors. If you spot an animal or insect.. let me know.... I'll tell you all I know about it.


I am Jesse from California, USA. I am an English teacher in the Mt. Yotei area. I have two daughters, and really enjoy working with kids. I love movies, music and the nature; and Steven's camps have been the best part of my life on Hokkaido. I am looking forward to another fun year of playing and learning at English Kids Camps.